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USGS topo maps of the Catskill Mountains
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Leaf Foliage Report

Catskill Mountains

1,000'+ 100% changed - 95% Fallen
2,400'+ 100% changed - 100% Fallen
3,500'+ 100% changed - 100% Fallen
Leaf Browning: Significant this year
2009 Image: Platte Clove Valley
Click image for more details (Oct 30)
fall foliage in Catskill Mountains

Tower Vandalism

On Saturday night (Oct 12th), a person used a power saw to cut off the lock on the cabin of the Overlook Mountain Fire Tower. Once the existing lock was cut off, they replaced it with their own lock. Witnesses stated that they could see sparks coming from the bottom of the cabin. Click on the image for more information.(Oct 18)
hiker injuried while hiking around kaaterskill falls

Hiker Injury

A 50-year-old women broke her ankle when she fell while hiking around Kaaterskill Falls. She was transported to the hospital, and will recover. Click the image for more information (Sept 25)
hiker injuried while hiking around kaaterskill falls

Bees on WHP

A black bear dug up a bees nest on the trail to Windham High Peak over the weekend. Many hikers were stung on the bees. It is located in the upper conifer forest. Click the image for more information (Aug 19)
bees nest in the middle of the windham high peak trail in the conifer forest

Wild Week

There has been a large number of incidents in the Eastern Catskills over the past week. A number of people were lost in the woods that prompted SAR resecue to be called to locate lost hikers. We also have three injuries around Kaaterskill Falls. All three hikers were sent to the hospital. Lastly, we had a black bear over turn a rock on the WHP trail exposing a large bees nest. Lots of hikers suffered bee stings. Most of the incidents occurred around North-South Lake region, and two incidents occurred on Windham High Peak trails.Click image to learn more(Aug 18)
many injuries and lost hikers around windham and north-south lake this past week along with bee stings


A man lost consciousness when he was stung by numerous bees. He was camping in the DEC North-South Lake Campground. Tannersville-Hunter Ambulance responded to the medical emergency. (Aug 1)
man has medical emergency after getting stung by bees at north-south lake campgrounds

Bear Poaching

A Cairo man has been fined $750 for shooting a 150 pound Black Bear roaming through his backyard on July 29, 2013. The DEC reports that the bear was moving away from him. Click on image to read more (July 25)
cairo new york man charged and fined for poaching a 150 pound black bear

New Bridge

The Catskill Center has replaced the old King Post Bridge that runs across the Plattekill Creek just above Old Mill Falls. The old bridge collapsed and blocked hikers from accessing Indian Head, Overlook, and Echo Lake. Click on image to read more(June 7)
replacement of the old king post bridge over the plattekill creek in the Catskill Mountains

DEC Buys 266 acres

New York State has now acquired 266 acres on Overlook Mtn in the California Quarry region. The DEC acquired two separate parcels of land on the upper regions of Overlook Mtn. Click on image to read more(June 4)
DEC acquires 266 acres on Overlook Mountain in the Catskill Mountains

Kaaterskill Rail Trail

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, the Kaaterskill Rail Trail opened to the public. The trail follows the old rail road tracks from Haines Falls to Kaaterskill Falls. After 10 years the trail becomes an official DEC hiking trail. Click the image for more information(June 1)
kaaterskill rail trail opens to the public in the Catskill Mountains

It's Snowing!

On Saturday, May 24, 2013, the Catskill Mountains received up to a foot of snow. Snow started to stick around 2,750' and above. It is hard to believe considering that it is almost June. Click on picture for more details.(May 24)
snow storm on May 24, 2013 in the Catskill Mountains

No Parking

Now from Palenville to Moore's Bridge there will be No parking on the side of Rt 23a. Last year Hunter posted No Parking from Haines Falls to Moore's Bridge. The parking area below Moore's Bridge has been blocked off. Click on picture for more details.(May 10)
no parking on Rt 23a from palenville NY to moore's bridge

Zip Line Rescue

On Sunday, February 17th, 4 men got stuck on a non-commercial Zip line in the Platte Clove. The four men had to be treated for hypothermia after being stuck on the zip line for over an hour. The Tannersville Fire Dept had to rescue them. Click on picture for more details. (Feb 18)
2 men rescued on Slide Mountain

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