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Ranger Robbi Mecus dies in climbing accident (Apr 25)

Report or discuss current events in the Catskill Mountains.
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Ranger Robbi Mecus dies in climbing accident (Apr 25)

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Robbi Mecus was a New York State DEC Rangers, and lived in Keene, New York. She also spent a lot of time in the Catskill Mountains. She had a 25-year career with the DEC as a Ranger. She was often called into for the more difficult technical Search-and-Rescues.

On April 25, she was climbing Mount Johnson in Denai National Park when she fell over 1,000 feet to her death. Her climbing partner, Melissa Orzechowski. was critically injured in the same accident.

Former DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos, wrote that he was "devastated by this news." "Robbi was such an incredible person. A pillar of strength," Seggos wrote. "Always there for the most difficult NYSDEC rescues and crises, and a tremendous leader for LGBTQIA+ rights. I feel fortunate to have known her."

DEC Interim Commissioner, Sean Mahar, wrote "Over her 25-year career with DEC, Ranger Mecus demonstrated an unparalleled passion for protecting the environment and New Yorkers."

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