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Man Electrocuted by power line (May 23)

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Man Electrocuted by power line (May 23)

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Town of Hunter in Greene County

On May 23, 2024, a 24 year-old man was electrocuted on North Lake Road in the Town of Hunter. He worked for the Larch Tree Service located in Canton, NY with a co-worker. The coworker was up in a bucket truck cutting trees when the arm of the boom hit and broke the power line. The coworker's bucket is insulated, so he was not affected by the massive surge of electricity. But, the surge of electric went down the arm, to the truck, and finally to the ground. The 24 year-old worker was standing near the electric surge and fell onto the electrified power line, and was electrocuted.

The 24 year-old worker went into cardiac arrest. One of his coworker started CPR on him. EMS was notified. DEC Forest Ranger Peterson, along with Sheriff Deputies, Hunter Police, and EMS responded to the location on North Lake Road. They took over CPR from the coworker and were able to get his heart beating again. The 24 year-old worker was then flew by helicopter to Westchester Medical Center for additional medical treatment. He is expected to recover from the incident. If it wasn't for his coworkers CPR training he would not have survived.
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