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Windham Mtn Club changes anger the community

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Windham Mtn Club changes anger the community

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At the beginning of October of 2023, a press release stated that the Beall Family (founded Ruby Tuesday Restaurants) and Kemmon Wilson Hospitality Partners (Holiday Inn) made an undisclosed investment into Windham Mountain to become the new owners of the ski resort. Additionally, they will spend 70 million dollars to upgrade the ski center. The ski center changed it's name from "Windham Mountain" to "Windham Mountain Club". Many were concerned that the ski center would move towards a private ski center.

A month and a half later, Windham Mountain Club is making more restrictions. It is now pushing people to become members. There is a $175,000 initiation fee, and an annual fee ($4500) to have full access to the ski center.

Additionally, you will not be able to get a ski ticket on Saturday between January and March. And, the maximum number of skiers who can get a ski ticket on other days will be lowered to 4,000 skiers per day. Almost half of what was allowed in the past.

They are also closing ALL Mountain Bike Trails on the mountain. So much for a year-around resort.

The response from the public, has not gone well. An Instagram account for Windham Mountain had to shutdown the comments section because of significant negative post. Julie McGuire (family lives in Windham), and well known in the Mountain Top Community, stated, "Say goodbye to Windham Mountain"

Most people believe that Windham Mtn Club is moving closer to a private club very quickly. The anger in the community is quite significant.
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