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Two separate injuries at same time at Giant Ledge

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Two separate injuries at same time at Giant Ledge

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Town of Shandaken in Ulster County

Wilderness Rescue
: On Jan. 15 at 12:05 p.m., Ulster County 911 requested Forest Ranger assistance with the rescue of a hiker with a lower leg injury at Giant Ledge in the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area. Rangers Franke, Quinones, Schweider, and Stratton reached the 70-year-old and splinted her lower leg. Rangers then packaged the hiker from Pennsylvania into a litter. Big Indian, Claryville, and Pine Hill fire departments assisted with the half-mile carry out. At approximately 4:30 p.m., the hiker was taken to the hospital by Shandaken EMS.

During the incident, Rangers Franke and Schweider were rerouted to respond to another injured hiker from the same hiking party, but closer to the trailhead. The 71-year-old suffered a head injury from a fall and was airlifted to the hospital. Trail conditions were icy and Rangers needed microspikes during the rescues.

NOTICE: Any time it is close to freezing you should always carry microspikes in your pack. It may be above freezing on the bottom of the mountain, but extremely icy at the top. Or, what was liquid water on the trail up the mountain, might turn into ice on the way down the mountain. Additionally, just because there is no snow on the bottom of the mountain does not mean that there is no snow on the top of the mountain. Be over-prepared when hiking in the Winter mouths. Small mistakes can have big consequences.
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