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Ashokan High Point

Aircraft Carrier Rock, Ashokan High Point, Balsam Swamp, Bangle Hill, Big Rosy Bone Knob, Cherrytown, Denmar, East, Flat Hill, Little Rocky, Mombaccus, Pople Hill, Red Hill, Samson , Spencers Ledge, Sugarloaf (sundown), Vernooy Falls
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Ashokan High Point

Unread post by Desroska »

Has anyone done this hike yet this year? I am wondering if the bees are bad yet? Also, are there any good camping spots in this area?

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Re: Ashokan High Point

Unread post by mike »

Bees hives grow during the summer months. Right now they are small. But by September, they reach peak size. September is the worst time for bees.

There is quite a bit of open space on top. Just be 150' from any trail, water source, or road. And, below 3500'.
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