Blackhead to Arizona to Dutcher's Notch

Acra Point, Black Dome, Blackhead Mtn, Burnt Knob, Dutchers Notch, Elm Ridge, Thomas Cole, Windham High Peak
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Blackhead to Arizona to Dutcher's Notch

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In the Fall this is my favorite hike. It is loaded with great view points, and the Fall Foliage is always exceptional. There year was no exception.

I had made plans with a friend to join me this year. But, he had a leg injury and wouldn't be making it. Alexis had to work. So, my original plan of a group hike turned into a solo hike. I was fine with this. I like to hike solo.

Alexis dropped me off at the Blackhead parking lot around 10am. After registering I headed up the trail. About a 1/2 mile up I stopped for a moment to take a picture of the stream. I then headed up to the col between Black Dome and Blackhead. The leaves were changing so the trail was alive with colors. I then headed up the trail to the summit of Blackhead. Took a pic near the top. Looked similar to last year's picture. I ran into a girl from Maryland. We spent about a 1/2 hour talking. I then headed down the southern side of Blackhead. From here it would be completely downhill. Almost 3,000' vertical feet down. I stopped at the view point near the top of Blackhead to take a picture. The DEC had recently recut the view point. Great views. The hike down Blackhead is steep, but doable.

When you hit the bottom of Blackhead there is a beautiful spot through the rocks that I always like. So, I stopped and took a pic. I then headed across the ridge line. It is a 2 mile hike that is mainly flat. It is a beautiful ridge walk. Just like the previous years, I didn't see anyone.

As you approach Dutcher's Notch, there is a fantastic viewpoint. I stopped and took a pic. Two groups of backpackers stopped and admired the views before heading towards blackhead. I rested for a moment before heading down the steep path to Dutcher's Notch. I then headed down the east side to my car on Stork Nest Road.

The beginning of the trail to Blackhead

View of Black Dome - taken from Blackhead Mtn

Taken from Blackhead - You can see Acra Point in the distance

View of the 2 mile walk across the ridge of Arizona Mtn

Bottom of Blackhead and the beginning of the 2mile walk across Arizona Mtn

View of the East Kill Valley with Capra Lake - taken near Dutcher's Notch
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Re: Blackhead to Arizona to Dutcher's Notch

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Real nice hike. Like the last picture best.
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Re: Blackhead to Arizona to Dutcher's Notch

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Beautiful pictures, Mike. Glad you got out to do some hiking… I'm going to try to get one more hike in before the leaves are completely gone. Not much time left!
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