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Re: Search for Cougars

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The idea that people raise cub cougars and set them free when they get too big is so absurd. Why doesn't anybody else seem to see the absurdity of that. In my line of business I get to meet and spend time with 100s of new people every few months. I've never met one person who has raised a baby cougar. I've never met anyone who knew anyone who raised a cougar. If sightings were all released pets wouldn't we encounter at least one person who had raised one? The DEC used to use the pet theory to explain sightings. I'd like to meet one of the people who raised a pet cougar.
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Re: Search for Cougars

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TimJ408 wrote:Cougar or large bobcat?


Picture of a coyote to compare to:

Could you repost your picture I do not see it.
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