Sugarloaf Aug. 28

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Sugarloaf Aug. 28

New postby traprocker » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:34 pm

I hiked the Sugarloaf loop going counterclockwise figuring it would be easier to go up the rough west slabs than down. It took a good hour to ascend the west side from mink hollow and the climb was pretty difficult. For me, after seeing both sides, coming down the west side would of much tougher than the east. It was dry so I can image it would be dangerously slick when wet.

The loop hike itself was great, a lot of variety with nice ledge, old growth, quarry remains on both sides, a good brook, meadow, and a few views. For a sit down view, a ledge around 3200 feet on the west side was a nice spot. The summit view was just a peak through trees so is rather disappointing. There is a nice east side view from a small perch.
After desending to pecoy notch, I went up towards Twin mountain a hundred yards or so and scrambled up an open talus field to a good view of the blackhead range, a worthy addition to the loop hike. Up a bit further was the shear 20 foot cliff that must be scambled. I had no energy to go up, then back down this rock barrier so I headed back tothe junction, and completed the loop through the large quarry. Total time, 6.5 hrs.
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