Mount Guardian 10/17/2015

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Mount Guardian 10/17/2015

New postby Rivet » Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:05 pm

Parked at the Byrdcliffe Theater on Upper Byrdcliffe Road. Followed the yellow blazed trail (later on marked with yellow discs). After 0.4 miles, reached a trail junction (right leads to Camelot road). Turned left and continued up to an old bluestone quarry. Two similar view points (the one on the left has a better view) are reached 1.2 miles from the start. The trail peters out shortly after and a bit shy of the summit. I checked out some ledges along the eastern side of the mountain before heading up to the actual summit. Then I made my way back down. Passed only a handful of people all day. Cool, breezy day for a fall hike. ... b821d03746
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