Tory Fort on Kaaterskill Found

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Re: Tory Fort on Kaaterskill Found

New postby rkugel » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:50 am

Michael Kudish also mentions that there was a primitive logging railroad downstream from the site of the Brandt Fort (a.k.a. "Lower" Tory Fort). Michael even mentioned finding old wooden "rails". Some history: In the earliest days of railroads (1820's - 1830's) and before steel production was perfected, rails were made of wood with straps of iron bolted on top.

This is another area where I have never ventured due to a lack of general knowledge about where to go and also out of respect for the possibility that the land may be privately owned.

If anyone knows anything about this old railroad, I would certainly love to hear from you!

Thanks, Rich
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Re: Tory Fort on Kaaterskill Found

New postby Jiff » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:46 am

Does anybody have any thoughts on how hard the bushwacking is during the summer months along this trail? Planning an overnight'er with several friends up to this area and camping around Buttermilk Falls and am debating on three routes. First being the Malden Ave access and hitting up Poets Ledge ---> Buttermilk Falls and setting up camp. Then exploring the next day up to and around Hurricane Ledge. 2nd route is this hike then exploring the next day down to Poets Ledge. 3rd being the south approach to Kaaterskill via the Long Path from the DEC parking lot on Platte Cove and exploring either Hurricane or the Tory Fort the following day from Buttermilk on our way out.

A little about the group, we are all experienced and fairly fit hikers and are hammock camping, so finding a site with level ground isn't an issue. Have the NY/NJ trail maps and I am fairly adept at orienteering thanks to my time in the service. It's our first trip out together and am really hoping to have some varied terrain.

Thanks for any input, safe journeys!
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Re: Tory Fort on Kaaterskill Found

New postby Jon » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:08 pm

I backpacked up from Palenville last year and it was fairly easy. It adds some elevation gain onto any of the other suggested routes but when done over two days it's not too bad. Above buttermilk falls (SouthEast?) is a small campsite that I hammocked at. There were quite a few standing dead trees that were on the verge of going over so I was a little hesitant but nothing too bad. To find it we just made a bee-line at a 45degree angle away from the intersection of the trail and the stream above buttermilk. When we were over 150ft away from each we found a small fire ring.
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Vegetation is thick this time of year. I spent saturday wading through chest high nettles and getting stung and scratched all over. I would suggest taking the on-trail route.
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Re: Tory Fort on Kaaterskill Found

New postby mike » Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:07 pm

You can bushwhack from KHP down to Tory Fort. You just follow the ridge line down. there is a trail, but falling off the trail is not uncommon. The Tory Fort is on the North side of the col. Not that far from the Hanging Ledge. To exit, you can hike across the col to the RoundTop side. Then hike down the north face to the snowmobile trail.

If you hike in from the West side, again, you walk up the ridge. The hardest part is finding the 3250 ledge. Lots of ledges.

As Jon said, there is a nice camp site east buttermilk falls. It is about 150' off the trail. There is a fire ring already there. There are a lot of bears in the area, so cook away from your camping site. Don't take any food to bed with you. There is another nice camping spot on Hawkeye Ledge. Harder to find, and it is a hike to get water.

Poet's Ledge is very nice on a clear day. KHP and Hurricane Ledge are very nice. The walk from Poet's Ledge to Buttermilk Falls is very nice. The hike up the ridge to RT, Tory Fort, Hanging Ledge, and KHP is nice, but it is more of a bushwhack then a hike. I like this hike a lot. But, some people find it a little overwhelming. The Kaaterskill Mtn Range has a lot to offer that so few people see.
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