Lower Lake Creek Exploration

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Lower Lake Creek Exploration

New postby maphiker » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:30 am

After reading the various posts in this forum and site, I thought I might explore around Kaaterskill Creek in an attempt to see some waterfalls. My first mistake was to go on a Sunday with all the out of town vehicles etc. My first thought was to start at Fawns Leap but their was no good parking in that area. I decided to go up the hill, just past the sign for Haines Falls and park. I crossed the street, hopped the guard rail and followed the power lines down on an old road (Old 23A ?). My goal was to get down to Lake Creek, Kaaterskill Creek and maybe the falls down there. Walking the old road was not too bad but I had to dodge the power lines. Trees had come down on them at two spots, one very badly. Also there was a stream I had to cross.

Finally I made it to the Lake Creek. It was quite wild looking and beautiful. I tried following it down but could only get so far. Perhaps one needs to cross over Lake Creek, the far side looked a little easier to negotiate. Since I was alone and literally had nothing with me other than my cell phone I decided against going farther. I made my way back to the powerline road-Lake Creek junction and noticed a path going up Lake Creek towards the the road. Thinking this might be a short cut or easier way back, I decided to follow the path. It was easy to follow for quite a ways and I enjoyed the small water falls and cascades on the Creek. I got to below the big parking area and the path seemed to get quite eroded. I decided to scramble up (200-300 ft) the steep rubble to the wall near the parking area. This was much harder than I had imagined but still doable. About half way up I realized it was mistake.

Thanks to two nice people at the top who saw me and asked if I was OK. They waited for me and even gave me a ride back to my truck.
Can anyone one suggest better routes for exploring in this area?

I was told by the police that the downed lines I saw are telephone cables and not power lines.
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Re: Lower Lake Creek Exploration

New postby maphiker » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:51 am

A few pictures:





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Re: Lower Lake Creek Exploration

New postby mike » Wed May 03, 2017 8:43 pm

Probably the best place to park is the parking lot below Bastion Falls. Then walk parallel to the road towards Bastion Falls. At some point then turn left and head towards Lake Creek. Once at Lake Creek, you can follow the old trail down to Kaaterskill Creek. Then you can follow the old Rt 23a.

Parking up near Haines Falls is good to get you down to the upper section. There is also a trail that will take you to Delmura Falls.

Getting across Lake Creek or Kaaterskill Creek can be difficult and dangerous. If you do get across Kaaterskill Creek there is a road that runs parallel to Kaaterskill creek from Santa Cruz Ravine down to Fawn's Leap. There are some trails that will get you to the upper trail.

This link will help you get to the 50+ waterfalls in the Kaaterskill Clove: http://www.catskillmountaineer.com/list-WF.html . Just remember that it is dangerous around waterfalls.
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