Kaaterskill High Peak 4/23/17

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Kaaterskill High Peak 4/23/17

New postby BillyM » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:16 pm

I hiked Kaaterskill High Peak along with Huckleberry Point last sunday (4/23/17) Started at Platte Clove Rd Parking Lot. Went to Huckleberry Point first. Good views with no clouds in the sky. Continued on to the summit.
We saw a small double rock cairn which looked like another trail, I thought this was the short cut to just below the herd path to the summit but I was wrong. I found some poland spring bottle wrappers used as markers which led to a camping spot. The path was pretty well defined and then it faded off to nothing, maybe just too many leaves to see the path. We turned around back to the snow mobile path. The trail turns to a mostly hemlock forest and the trail was virtually a swamp most of the way, some sections had about a foot and a half of deep water. Spent a lot of time rock hopping and balancing on logs. There were some trees down on the trail. Finally saw the split to poets ledge/wildcat falls. Made a right and a quick left to the herd path. Its pretty well defined where it starts, but you can easily follow the white spray paint and the cairns to the top. I honestly don't understand why dec never couldn't just continue the blue markers up the herd path to the summit. One day when I have more time Id like to follow the loop trail around high peak and round top. Is this way up high peak nice? or is it the same pretty much as the herd path. Its probably definitely more easier then the climb up the herd path, its pretty steep and there were a lot of loose rocks. Views from Hurricane Ledge are nice but almost comparable to Huckleberry Point, besides getting a good view of Elka Park/Platte Clove Rd.
I was quite surprised how much garbage I saw on the trail, water bottles/labels, socks/hat, and three bags of dog poop by the register box. I did remove all the garbage except the bags of dog poop (drove up from Long Island, too long of a drive with the poop bags if I took them) Are these trails even checked on? Register box was almost full. I enjoyed this hike, I like the vegetation and surroundings although this mountain does show its wear and tear of human traffic. This puts me at 22 of 35, looking to hit the mountains again this sunday :)
Rough times:
9am - Start
10:30 - Huckleberry Point
11- Leave Huckleberry Point
2:37 - Hurricane Ledge
2:59 - Leave Hurricane Ledge
5:19 - Arrive at the Parking Lot
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