No "Danger" signs at the BridalVeil Falls lookout pull-off?

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No "Danger" signs at the BridalVeil Falls lookout pull-off?

New postby AppalachianNature » Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:12 pm

I recently went down the path to the beautiful Bridal Veil falls lookout point, hiking along cliff edges all along there just to see not only the falls but down into what I think is devils kitchen? I'm extremely glad this path and viewpoint is available. I had read of the dangers of this short trail prior to arriving and was cautious, if a little daring, but I can imagine there are some of those who might venture down this trail without realizing how short it is and how dangerous the cliffs are if you're descending too rapidly.

The last thing I want is for trails like this to be restricted in any way, but I did find it somewhat surprising that there were no prominent "Danger" signs in the parking area, at the beginning of the trail, to warn those folks who haven't read up on this trail prior to going down it. Hasn't there been at least 1 (or 2?) deaths at or near this viewpoint? I don't think anyone is obligated to make the trail or viewpoints safer in anyway, however, some warning signs for those who are just passing through and/or are not aware of the dangers due to the abrupt end to this short viewpoint trail, seems appropriate.

I hiked to Red Falls from the bottom as well, cliff jumping all along the way. What a truly amazing area, it was busy that day. People were parking halfway on the neighbors lawns at the bottom?... and on the lawn of an abandoned house. Apparently they were not towed either, I guess legally they are allowed to park, or it depends on the day? Idk... I didn't want to offend anyone or risk a towing so I offered to pay a few people and eventually found a neighbor 3/4 mile from the bottom who let me park for free after I offered. Someone else later said they would have let me for a small fee if their driveway wasn't all full with friends that day.

I found the neighborhood very friendly, someone gave me a few Black Mulberries from their yard which were perfectly ripe, one of the best berries I've ever had! (My first time trying them) Extremely thankful for my Platte Clove experience hope to do it again but hike up above Red Falls next time and see how bad Hells Hole Creek looks. On the short hike to Red Falls I went up the stream bed for much of the way after the first major fall, it was not far to Red Falls at all and I was surprised based on previous reviews. It was sweltering that day (hot and very humid) and I was jumping into the water for most of the day, what a relief! The water was just cold enough. So many beautiful falls, completely awe inspiring. Platte Clove road is awesome as well, and the ability to get right up to the top of Bridal Veil via the nature center trail.
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Re: No "Danger" signs at the BridalVeil Falls lookout pull-off?

New postby mike » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:58 pm

Platte Clove can be a wonderful adventure for the experienced hiker who is careful. But, for the inexperienced, there are many hidden dangers.

The trail to Bridal Veil Falls Lookout actually starts on private property. NYS doesn't put up signs for dangerous areas. People need to be aware that dangers exist. Bridal Veil Falls Lookout has had many deaths. Mainly from people getting too close to the edge, or from people falling in the pine needles, and then sliding off the edge. There is also a secret trail from Bridal Veil Lookout that goes down into Hell's Hole. If you walk up the edge, you will find a trail below the ledge, that finally leads a trail down into the dangerous hole.

The lower part of Platte Clove is quite nice. But, when you get further up, it gets quite steep. If you get injured in Platte Clove it is very difficult to get people out. Sometimes they call in a helicopter to get you out. Very expensive ride.
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