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Safety in North/South Lake Region

New postPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:31 pm
by eotheguy
My boyfriend and I were planning a visit to a B&B in the North/South Lake area the week of March 25th and hoping to do some day hikes. We do a late-March hiking trip every year, but usually in Columbia County, which is comparatively flat. After reading some of the safety warnings on websites, I'm wondering if we should cancel or modify our trip--I really don't want to risk death or serious injury! We're both in excellent shape, but we don't have specialized hiking gear (we've always been fine with running shoes). Can anyone tell me a) whether the trails up there will still be icy at the end of March, b) whether we need to buy special hiking boots c) what the safest trails are in that area. We really just enjoy being outdoors and talking and enjoying nature, so we don't need something dramatic.