Friday canister

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Friday canister

New postby Eli » Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:56 pm

I hiked Balsam Cap and Friday from Moon Haw road on 6/30/19. I got side tracked from the rim trail and ended up bush whacking the col. It wasn't that bad - no picnic, but not horrible. I only had to do one reasonably decent climb up a ledge and then fought my way to the herd paths and then to where the canister was supposed to be. I used google maps with the coordinates provided here after searching the old fashioned way and came to a heavily trafficked cross roads of herd paths. Is google maps wonky at close for tight points? Did they move the canister? Am I just that dense? I spent an hour searching and then made the mistake of going down the west side avoiding the ledges but fighting through savage balsam stands. Any tips on finding the canister? Some mountains are a joy to climb again and again. Friday ain't one of these.
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