Eagle Mt and Big Indian Mt

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Eagle Mt and Big Indian Mt

New postby BillyM » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:10 pm

I hiked Eagle and Big Indian Mts on 7/2/17 from Seager.
Started on the Yellow trail. The trail crosses the Shandakan Brook a few times. The trail is pretty overgrown up to little after the Seager Lean To.
The trail isn't very well marked and looks like it borders someones land. But I didn't see any signs and it looks like there has been recent four wheel drive vehicles on the trails and along the brook.
There is a very big dead tree standing near the Seager Lean To that looks like its going to fall right on it.
Anyways, I made a left on the Pine Hill West Branch toward Eagle Mt. Found the herd path and took a snack at the summit.
Made my way back down to the col and headed toward Big Indian Mt. Started descending down and realized I must have missed the herd path to the canister. Retraced my steps and still didn't see it so I decided to descend again and finally saw the herd path to the canister. Very steep climb up. Had another snack and headed back to the car. The brook was almost a small waterfall in one spot and spilled into about 4-5 ft deep pool. I wish I had a towel with me post hike. Otherwise it was a good clear day. Glad I made it back to the car, it down poured about 30 mins after even though it was sunny all day. Clouds came in quick.
I was hoping to run into someone that was going to to do either Doubletop or Fir but no luck. Big Indian puts me at 26/35. Thanks for reading :)
Rough times:
9:45am Start
11:38 Col between Eagle and Big Indian Mts
12:07 Eagle Summit
12:28 Leave Eagle Summit
12:55 Col Between Eagle and Big Indian Mts
2:20 Big Indian Summit
2:30 Leave Big Indian Summit
3:10 Col
3:30 Seager Lean To
3:45 Leave Lean To
4:40 Car
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