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Rescue on Slide Mtn - 2 men Rescued

New postPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:38 pm
by dave
Picture of Slide Mountain taken from Giant Ledge

On Saturday two men, Michael Leleszi and Erin McKinstry, of Huntington, NY went for a hike on the Slide, Friday, and Wittenberg Transverse between Rt 47 and Woodland Valley. This is a popular DEC trail. But, it is a difficult hike with some difficult sections, such as, the Cornell Crack and the climb up to Wittenberg Mountain. While it was warmer then normal this weekend, certain unexpected conditions did exist. Numerous hikers reported that very wet conditions existed. Some hikers reported wet and cold feet in the region. With the rain and melting snow, there was an unexpected amount of cold water to hike though. Some regions received cold rain on both Saturday and Sunday. While officials didn't provide why they could not make it out of the woods in the timely manner, we do know that they suffered from cold exposure.

Early Sunday morning, around 6 AM, 911 received a phone call of two men stranded on Slide Mountain. EMS passed the call on to the NY State Police in Hurley/Kingston. The NYS Police called in the DEC Rangers to conduct a Search-And-Rescue for the two men. The SAR mission started on Rt 47 AND Woodland Valley DEC parking lot. The search took a good part of the day to locate the two men. The DEC Rangers and NYS Police considered using a helicopter, but due to overcast weather, this idea was not used. It became a complete foot SAR.

During Saturday night the two men ran into a group of experienced hikers who provided them with dry clothing and helped them get shelter from the elements. We are grateful that the experienced hikers providing help, but we would have hoped that they would have guided them out of the woods to safety. But, it is easy to look back and make judgments. We don't know what conversations transpired between the two groups.

Later in the day on Sunday, DEC Rangers and NYS Police located the two men. They gave the men more warm clothing and allowed them to warm up. They then guided them out of the backcountry to safety. Once out of the woods EMT's examined the men, and then released them.

Cornell Crack

One of many difficult sections

Re: Rescue onSlide Mtn - 2 men Rescued

New postPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:48 pm
by Sam
This is bringing back fond memories of a time when I lead a few of my buddies on this traverse. We camped in the col between Slide and Cornell, after getting a late start and climbing Slide. Throughout the entire night rain beat down on our tarp tent. We awoke freezing cold, and soaking wet. Immediately we broke down camp and didn't stop for more than a few minutes until we reached the safety of the Woodland Valley campground. I remember brewing a full jet-boil of tea beneath one of the overhangs on the Northern side of Wittenberg to ward off hypothermia! Two of my buddies were soon to leave for the middle east with the military, so this venture outside of their comfort zones gave them a little jump start. Just a little one.

In any event this story is unfortunate. However, I wonder what the conversation between personnel of the DEC/State troopers consisted of during their march? ;)

Re: Rescue onSlide Mtn - 2 men Rescued

New postPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:14 am
by bikenhike
Staying warm and dry in the Winter is vital. Not being prepared can cause a hike to change quickly. Even experienced hikers can get caught in this trap.

There seems to be quite a few details of "what happen" missing from the story.

Here is another rescue they did this past weekend: . Not sure where Platte Clove Mountain is? Are they calling Plattekill Mtn, "Platte Clove Mtn" or are they calling the little bump by Huckleberry Pt, "Platte Clove Mtn"?

Re: Rescue on Slide Mtn - 2 men Rescued

New postPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:19 pm
by Sam
Probably Plattekill, but who knows?