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Re: Hurricane Irene Damage to the Catskill Mountains

New postby Emily&hounds » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:04 pm

I live in West Kill.

Route 42 is closed from north of West Kill to Lexington. There are problems with several bridges, but the only one completely out for the winter is the one near Beech Ridge North. To get from 28 to 23A, Take 42 almost to West Kill. Turn left of Beech Ridge South (Beech Ridge #1), and follow County route 2 around to the Mosquito Point Bridge to 23A. Route 23 is closed in Ashland. To proceed to Windham, turn right on 23A, left on New Street, right on 23C and any road north from there. There are temporary fixes to most of the bridges in the Sporuceton Valley. You can drive to the the Mink Hollow access to the Devil's Path, but to get to the access to Hunter mountain or Diamond Notch, you will have to park your car before the preserve access lots and walk the last couple miles. You can get motor vehicle access if you have a motorcycle or small ATV.

At the top of Deep Notch on Route 42, there were several landslides in the Schoharie watershed (north) side. One was very large, and was dug out by the National Guard right after the storm. There is a gigantic chute with huge boulders, loose smaller stones, and whole trees that could come loose any time. This is in an area where a lot of ice climbers go, so please think twice before you access your usual rock/ice climbing spots near there. There is only one lane open at this point. For those unfamiliar with the area, avoid driving there at night.

The Dry Brook area in Margaretville was badly damaged. The low lying commercial areas of both Margaretville and Fleischman's were wiped out. Feel free to email if you have questions about access to specific trailheads.

The road from the Big Indian store (Morra's) on 28 to the Frost Valley YMCA will not be open for a long time. McKinley Hollow Road lost a couple of houses. The access to Panther/Slide/Giant Ledges from 28 is cut off. You might be able to get close on a motorcycle, but the road is almost completely undermied in places, especially up near the Winnisook Club.
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