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Tommy White Band

New postby dave » Mon May 16, 2011 9:40 pm

No need to pay $200 for nose-bleed seats to see national names play a concert. For a mere $10 you could see a couple of retired professional musicians play at the Cairo-Durham High School. For those few lucky souls that knew about the benefit concert, they got two hours of great music. Stage seats for $10. The guys came to Greene county and put on a benefit concern for the Cairo-Durham High School senior class. The band was put together for a few retired musicians to get together and have fun.

The main event was the "The Tommy White Band". Without going into a long history of the bands, the drummer is Dave Rozelle. You know, Dave Rozelle from Huey Lewis and the News. Huey Lewis and the News often charged up to 1/4 million dollars to play a concert. After playing for Huey Lewis, Dave worked in Nashville, TN putting together videos, albums, and TV shows for names like MTV, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, and whos-who of the music industry. Now he is retired in Albany NY. If you are lucky, you might see him driving around the Mountaintop during the week.

It is really ashame that the Cairo-Durham School didn't promote this concert more. They could have brought in tens of thousands of dollars for the kids.

There was also a warm-up band called the Bogarts. An up and coming band.

For those who were there, they had a rocking good time.

Here are a few pictures:

One of the band members allowing one of the kids to come on stage and play with the band.




Here are a couple links:

Here are couple songs by Dave:

Here is an awesome video that Dave whipped up with a couple people at Windham Mountain:
A couple people nationwide names have been looking at doing this song.

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