Octoberfest at Hunter is On

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Octoberfest at Hunter is On

New postby bikenhike » Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:59 pm

Here is the announcement from Hunter Mountain:

Link: http://www.bmwmoa.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43109

Well folks here's the word.

The Colors in the Catskills will be held this year at Hunter Mountain on October 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2010 in conjunction with the Hunter Mountain Oktoberfest. There will be entertainment, craft vendors, camping, skyride, stories, motorcycle vendors, great riding both on and off the road, and lots of good friends.

Mike Freidle will be volunteering his time to pull everything together on the motorcycle side as usual and really deserves a round of applause for his support of this event. I hope Paul Bach will spread the word in the way only he knows how...thanks again Paul.

The word from Mike is that MAX BMW will be back on-site with the off-road riding school and the BMW test drive rig for the weekend. It's where I purchased two bikes a 2006 1200 GSA and a 2004 R1100RS. Thanks Max and Ben for adding such an amazing part to this festival...all out of your own wallet. These guys need a round of applause as well.

But here's the big word. The festival will go on but without the BMW MOA. It was recommended to the board that they not sponsor the festival this year. So maybe all the MOA members out there who came to Colors over the past two years can shed your opinion on the decision of the MOA?

So, in closing for now. I assure you the festival will go on...camping, entertainment, riding, friends, merriment, and everything else that goes along with about 5000 people per day celebrating Oktoberfest. I hope to see you all there again...and hey...bring a friend or two with you.


Brian Czarnecki
Director of Sales & Marketing
Hunter Mountain

Yes - the MOA decided that the investment was not worth the results. As you know, the weather last year on Saturday was not stellar, but Sunday was fantastic. We had about 700 bikes show up for Saturday and over 1300 for Sunday...many were two-up so you can estimate the math for attendance. Not to mention the other 3000+ festival go'ers that were exposed to the BMW brand and spent time just walking among the bikes out in front of the base lodge. Were there other brands represented...absolutely. Isn't that important when it comes to exposure? The person I would want test driving a BMW would be a rider from another brand? Not sure why the BMW MOA doesn't feel the same way...or why they decided not to show up for the event on Sunday?

It all seems very short-sighted to me. But...we'll prove again the worth of this event and welcome the MOA back for 2011.

On another more positive note...you missed Mtn. Jam and Levon's 70th b-day party. Epic performance.
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