Camping gear thief at Alder Lake

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Camping gear thief at Alder Lake

New postby dave » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:40 am

Town of Hardenburgh in Ulster County

Larceny Investigation: On August 13, Forest Ranger Robert Stratton received a call from DEC Central Dispatch about a possible larceny at Alder Lake within Balsam Lake Wild Forest. A camper's table, chairs, firewood, and food were stolen during the previous two days when he left his campsite to tend to family business. When the camper returned, he went to a neighboring campsite to ask if they saw anyone take his things. While speaking to the people at the adjacent campsite, he saw his table and chairs, and when questioned, the campers told him they were borrowing them. He then hiked to cell phone coverage and called 911 to report the incident. At roughly 9 p.m., Forest Ranger Stratton and New York State Police arrived on scene. One of the campers denied taking any material from the complainant's campsite in the initial interview, but upon further investigation, it was determined that the individual had taken firewood, food, and the table and chairs from the complainant. Forest Ranger Stratton then issued the camper a ticket and evicted him from the campsite.
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