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Re: 129' Cell Phone Tower in Twilight Park

New postPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:24 am
by dave
We generally do not report how the SAR was initiated. We also do not publish a lot of information about the News stories we publish.

We don't need to visit the site AGAIN. So, that is why it was declined.

I should also note that other people from Twilight Park have been in contact with CM.

And, yes 40' was used as an average. People don't want the tower will say that 100% of the tower is visible, where the other side will say that the top 1/3 will be visible.

The information in the news story is still correct.

Since I am the moderator, I generally do not respond to story. And, Catskill Mountaineer as an organization will have submitted their own comments that represent the views of a majority of the visitors to this site.