Hiker injured in Platte Clove

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Hiker injured in Platte Clove

New postby dave » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:03 pm

A hiker was injured in the lower Platte Clove near the Greene County line. Initially, the Saugerties Fire Department was called around 3:30PM on August 17, 2016. But, due to the difficult terrain of Platte Clove, Greene County SAR was called in to extract the injured hiker. The hiker was then transport to the hospital.

Platte Clove is one of the most dangerous places to hike in the United States. If you decide to hike up the clove, you need to be prepared and well educated on how to do it safely. NEVER hike down the clove! We recommend that you stay out of Hell's Hole. Hell's Hole is a safe place in the Winter for ice climbers, but not so much in the summer. You should always hike with a partner, but no more then 5 hikers. There is NO cell phone service. A PLB is highly recommended. Here is a Hikers Safety Guideline: http://www.catskillmountaineer.com/WF-safety.html
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