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Lost Zebra was Found

New postPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 11:24 am
by dave
For the past week, a Plains Zebra has been missing from the Bailiwick Animal Park and Riding Stables (at the former Catskill Game Farm). The Zebra was five months old, and was a recent addition to the zoo. While feeding the zebra, it became spooked and ran off. This set off a week long search for the missing Zebra. There were news reports to look out for the missing Zebra. The owner offered a $1,000 reward for finding the Zebra. The public was also warned that the Zebra liked to bite, and to not to try and capture it.

On Sunday the NYS Police received a report that the Zebra was located in the Kaaterskill Clove. This set off a search by the NYS Police and the NYS DEC to find the Zebra. Unfortunately, the Zebra had run off a ledge and died of injuries from the fall. They buried the Zebra where it was found. It would be too difficult to extract the Zebra from the steep and dangerous Kaaterskill Clove.


Re: Lost Zebra was Found

New postPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 3:54 pm
by mike
Lots of bears on the Kaaterskill Mtn Range. Might have been spooked into running off a cliff. No shortages of high ledges there. Coyotes up there too. Not as many as years ago.