New Scutt Parking Lot work has started

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New Scutt Parking Lot work has started

New postby dave » Thu May 05, 2016 3:55 pm

Last year, the DEC proposed and approved a new parking lot for the top of Scutt Road. Work has begun on this new parking lot that should be able to hold 75-100 cars. This parking lot has been overflowing for quite some time, and will also help with the overflow of hikers to Kaaterskill Falls.

It will be located between the existing Scutt Parking Lot and North Lake Road. The new parking lot should be available soon.

They started work on the steps from the bottom of Kaaterskill Falls to the top in April. That work should continue for quite some time.

They haven't started work on the bridge over Lake Creek. They will need to fix the existing piers before that can be done. That project will run well into the summer. The bridge was approved and money allocated several years ago. The new bridge will tie in the Kaaterskill Rail Trail, Laurel House Road parking lot to the Escarpment Trail and steps up Kaaterskill Falls.
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Re: New Scutt Parking Lot work has started

New postby bikenhike » Tue May 10, 2016 10:46 am

A new parking lot is long overdue. Hopefully we will get the bridge started too.
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