Numerous Brush Fires in the Catskills

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Numerous Brush Fires in the Catskills

New postby dave » Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:37 pm

Over the past week numerous brush fires have erupted in the Catskill Mountains. This includes 2 acres that burned in Lanesville, which was the same site as last years forest fire that burned 200 acres. This past weekend there were fires on Rt 145 in Durham, Rt 23a in Hunter, Park Road in Lexington, and Rt 10 in Windham.

Folks, it is very dry this year. Be very careful if you are camping. You can use your stove to cook food, and even have a campfire. BUT, you must be present the entire time.

Due to DEC regulations, you cannot open burn between March 16 and May 14, 2016. This is the time period where forest fires occur in the Catskill Mountains. Rules and exceptions are:

(a) On-site burning in any town with a total population less than 20,000 of downed limbs and branches (including branches with attached leaves or needles) less than six inches in diameter and eight feet in length between May 15th and the following March 15th. For the purposes of this subdivision, the total population of a town shall include the population of any village or portion thereof located within the town. However, this subdivision shall not be construed to allow burning within any village.
(b) Barbecue grills, maple sugar arches and similar outdoor cooking devices when actually used for cooking or processing food.
(c) Small fires used for cooking and camp fires provided that only charcoal or untreated wood is used as fuel and the fire is not left unattended until extinguished.
(d) On-site burning of agricultural wastes as part of a valid agricultural operation on contiguous agricultural lands larger than five acres actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use, provided such waste is actually grown or generated on those lands and such waste is capable of being fully burned within a 24-hour period.
(e) The use of liquid petroleum fueled smudge pots to prevent frost damage to crops.
(f) Ceremonial or celebratory bonfires where not otherwise prohibited by law, provided that only untreated wood or other agricultural products are used as fuel and the fire is not left unattended until extinguished.
(g) Small fires that are used to dispose of a flag or religious item, and small fires or other smoke producing process where not otherwise prohibited by law that are used in connection with a religious ceremony.
(h) Burning on an emergency basis of explosive or other dangerous or contraband materials by police or other public safety organization.
(i) Prescribed burns performed according to Part 194 of this Title.
(j) Fire training, including firefighting, fire rescue, and fire/arson investigation training, performed under applicable rules and guidelines of the New York State Department of State's Office of Fire Prevention and Control. For fire training performed on acquired structures, the structures must be emptied and stripped of any material that is toxic, hazardous or likely to emit toxic smoke (such as asbestos, asphalt shingles and vinyl siding or other vinyl products) prior to burning and must be at least 300 feet from other occupied structures. No more than one structure per lot or within a 300 foot radius (whichever is bigger) may be burned in a training exercise.
(k) Individual open fires as approved by the director of the Division of Air Resources as may be required in response to an outbreak of a plant or animal disease upon request by the commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets, or for the destruction of invasive plant and insect species.
(l) Individual open fires that are otherwise authorized under the Environmental Conservation Law, or by rule or regulation of the department.

NOTE: Outside if this two month ban, the following towns have a permit process: (GREENE) Hunter, Jewitt, Lexington and Windham; (ULSTER) Denning, Gardiner, Hardinburgh, Olive, Rochester, Shandaken, Shawangunk, Wawarsing and Woodstock; (SULLIVAN) Neversink and Rockland; (DELAWARE) Andes, Colchester, Hancock and Middletown;
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Re: Numerous Brush Fires in the Catskills

New postby SNEAKers » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:14 am

Thanks for the post, I read the regs and am unsure if it's allowed: in Acra, can a bonfire be had in a fire pit (defined in this case as a circle of rocks with a slightly dug out center)? Only seasoned firewood is burned in the pit and is extinguished before leaving for the night.
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Re: Numerous Brush Fires in the Catskills

New postby mike » Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:06 pm

Yes, you can have a small fire in a fire ring. Like what you see at the Lean-to. Large bon fire - probably not.
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