Forest Fire on Hunter Mountain

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Forest Fire on Hunter Mountain

New postby dave » Thu May 07, 2015 6:53 pm

A forest fire has broken out on Hunter Mountain. The forest fire is on the Lanesville NY side. This is on Rt 214 near Leavitt Mountain.

More information to follow.

Update 05/07/2015 9pm:

The fire started around Heavenly Valley Road (between Lanesville and the DEC campground on Rt 214). The first call came in around 12:30PM. Many fire departments have responded to the fire. Within a couple hours over 200 acres have burned. Most trails around Hunter Mountain have been closed. It is unclear when they might be able to contain the fire. Many of the road in the area are closed.

Update 05/08/2015 10AM:

Yesterday over 100 fire fighters battled the Hunter Mtn Fire. As of last night they had made progress in containing the fire. There is also a concern that it would spread to Westkill Mountain. It is our understanding that it is approaching the summit of Leavitt Mountain (South Hunter Mtn). If it does get up into that region, it will quickly spread. That region is covered in thick Balsam Fir trees. The other variable is the weather. If a wind picks up in the wrong direction, it could spread quickly. Right now they are optimistic that they will be able to contain the fire fairly quickly.

The fire is believed to have been started by a tree cutting crew that dropped a limb on power lines. The sparks are believed to be what started the fire. But, all of this is under investigation, so the source of the fire has not been confirmed.

As of last night none of the houses in the region were in serious danger. But, the weather will determine if this will change.

Fire fighters have been fighting the forest fire in difficult and steep terrain. Anyone who has hiked in this region is fully aware of how difficult this terrain is. Their difficulties will dramatic increase if it reaches the conifers that cap Leavitt Peak region.

Helicopters with water buckets have been flying and dropping water on the fire. There is a water source a couple miles away in the Deep Notch where the DEC campground is located.

Presently the fire is contained to Greene County in the town of Hunter. But, it is on the edge of Ulster County.

In another note, two other very small brush fires occurred yesterday. Once in the Town of Durham near the Stone Bridge off Hervey Street. The other in Prattsville. It is our understanding that both have been contained.

If you are out in the woods, you need to be careful. It is very dry.

Update 05/11/2015 12 PM:

They have pretty much contained the forest fire. There are still hot spots that fire fights are watching and working on. One helicopter is still dumping water on hot spots. There is still a concern that the weather this week could cause the fire to reignite at the same site, or jump to a new area. Fire fighters and DEC Forest Rangers will be there all week to monitor the site.

Remember that all fires, including camp fires, are ban until May 15, 2015. The trails should be open by this weekend.

Update 05/13/2015 12PM:

All the hiking trails on Hunter Mountain have been reopened. The final calculation is that 133 acres burned. The fire continues to smoulder, and fire fighters are still attending to the hot spots.
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