Exhausted Hikers call SAR at North-South Lake

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Exhausted Hikers call SAR at North-South Lake

New postby dave » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:49 am

Two hikers called 911 when they became concerned that they would not make it back to their car because they had become exhausted. Both were hiking at North-South lake on the afternoon of March 15, 2018. Forest Rangers were able to locate them and bring them back to their car.

We urge all hikers to carry snowshoes when hiking in the snow. We have had approximately 4' of snow in the last two weeks. And, hiking with just boots will cause you to become exhausted quickly. If you don't have snow pants, then you will get your pants wet and become hypodermic. The post holes that are created cause a danger to other hikers who come after you.
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