Hiker Injured at Kaaterskill Falls

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Hiker Injured at Kaaterskill Falls

New postby dave » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:04 am

On Saturday Afternoon, a hiker fell at the middle basin and sustain injuries. He was conscious and alert. Tannersville Fire Dept was called to extract him, where he was transported to the hospital. More information to follow.

Here is an update from the DEC:

Rescue: On Sept. 23, during a site visit to Kaaterskill Falls, Assistant Forest Ranger Rob McDermott witnessed a man off the designated trail lose his footing as he walked down the steep slope surrounding the middle pool area. The man tumbled down the slope approximately 30 feet, where he slid head first into a large rock. McDermott immediately responded to the injured subject to begin patient care and notified Ranger Robert Dawson of the incident. Dawson notified Lt. William Giraud of incident and requested two additional Rangers. Dawson provided updates to Greene County 911 and informed responding rescue units that the patient was able to walk out. Dawson met McDermott at the stairs to assist with the 0.5-mile walk out, and Haines Falls Volunteer Fire Department personnel met the group near the trailhead. The man was evaluated by Hunter Ambulance personnel and a Greene County paramedic at the Route 23A trailhead, where he refused further medical care. He left the scene with family members.
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