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Re: New Kaaterskill Falls Parking Lot

New postby Jon » Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:03 pm

dundee wrote:The local police could also enforce the parking laws on Rt. 23A. People park wherever they feel like, block each other in at the Molly Smith parking area and little if anything is done.

This is not entirely true. I have seen police many times chasing people away & ticketing those who park illegally along 23A. Still some people try to squeeze in there.

dundee wrote:Jon, you say we need more people at K-Falls, but then you say more people will causse accidents. Which way do you want it?

I think I made my statements pretty clear. I will never advocate for less people to see nature anywhere. More people will probably cause more accidents to occur. And as I said I do not know what the answer is. None of these statements are conflicting or dichotomous.

The answer is probably going to include development around the area, maybe even installing boardwalks with railings or other things to increase safety. Ausible chasm comes to mind, that place was probably extremely dangerous and inaccessible until it was developed. Adding additional parking to relieve some of the pressure on 23A seems like a good start to me.
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