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Torrens Hook...?

New postPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:21 pm
by pelagori
I'd like to go hiking on Torrens Hook. It's DEC land, but appears to be completely surrounded by private lots.

I have read the DEC UMP - along with a number of fascinating details it mentions 2 easements granted to the people of the state of new york, both from Bostock Road, up to state land, and to a "customary use" trail up and over the ridge. It would appear from the UMP (dated 1994) that i should be able to access the state land without trespassing. However, last weekend I took a slow drive on Bostock Road to scout things out and wasn't able to see anything like a trail from the car.

Anyone been up there and can help me with a trailhead to use? Please PM me with any details... I have solved the problem of parking near by...

Thanks for any tips,

Re: Torrens Hook...?

New postPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:32 pm
by mike
You can access the Mt Tobias Wild Forest by driving up Dancing Rock Road, and then taking Torrens Hook Road. At the end of Torrens Hook Road, you will enter onto State land.

You can also find out who owns land by using the Ulster County GIS map:

Re: Torrens Hook...?

New postPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:50 pm
by pelagori
thanks, mike, for the info. i'd discounted this approach as, while it appears torrens hook road goes as for as state land on the parcel viewer, google imagery shows the road dead-ending at a house well before that, with no visible way past:

only one way to find out what's really going on though - i'll take a drive up there this week and see. another possibility is that it appears Remontado road borders state land just before it ends, and based on the google images it looks like there may be somewhere to dump the car too. finally, perhaps an explore of Bostock road on foot will uncover the easements mentioned in the DEC UMP...

thanks again...

Re: Torrens Hook...?

New postPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:03 pm
by mtnclimber
there is a road you can take that will allow you to get to State Land. I'll have to check around to see if I can find it.