North Dome, Sherrill 22 Nov 2014

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North Dome, Sherrill 22 Nov 2014

New postby Nasrettin Hoca » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:26 am

I wanted to Thank everyone for the valuable information here that made this day possible.

North Dome and Sherrill 22 Nov 2014

I'm prolly not gonna run today. The good news is, I think I’m over the New York Marathon, 3 weeks ago.

I got up at 1:50 am, out the door at 3 here in NYC, was in the woods when I could see my hand in front of my face. Back to the car at 4pm.

Epic 9 hours and had to keep moving. Because it's trailless, nothing is solid. There was 3 Inches (10cm) fresh snow, on fresh leaves. The only tracks to follow, were stuff like so.

Lots of Bear, Rabbit and Deer tracks.

But I could see the peaks, North Dome


I spent a lot of time on the ledges. Part of what this was about, was scrambling. Everything was mossy and chossy. Rocks were loose. Every handhold had to be tested. Loads of Bear Caves, I even went into one.


Get to the top of one ledge, and the next one would appear


summit North Dome 11:20 AM


Next target, Sherrill


Pretty much, all the Catskills Peaks are like this. Crown of Evergreens at the top. Robs the visibility. Unless there are tracks, you're wandering around, to find which pimple on the top has the summit can. I spent 45 minutes running around the top of North Dome looking for the can and another 45, circling the summit, to get a bead on Sherrill.

An hour later, I was on the summit of Sherrill


The walk out was nasty. In the dark, I'd blown by the place I'd I'd intended to spot the bike. So I had to get back to the car. The "contouring" was killing my feet. Thorns and scrub everywhere.
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Re: North Dome, Sherrill 22 Nov 2014

New postby mike » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:03 pm

That's a real tough hike. It is sometimes better if you can do it one-way down to Shaft Road. But, that requires two cars.

Finding the canister on top of North Dome has been a problem for years. Too bad it isn't located on the true summit. Everyone seems to have no problem finding the real summit.
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