Sherrill Oct 27

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Sherrill Oct 27

New postby traprocker » Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:45 pm

From the Shaft Road PA, I crossed the stream and ascended via the west ridge route. Although the large trees on the ridge were pretty much stripped of leaves, the smaller beeches threw a nice splash of yellow into a the late autumn brown and gray scene.
The ridge is mostly hardwoods but even though it was open, there were still plenty of nettle gardens, blowdowns, boulder fields and mossy seeps to negotiate, not to mention numerous ledge bands that got bigger as you go up. Finally , once past the last ledge, I was on the flat summit plateau, covered in first growth forest. Once part way across the plateau, a footpath appeared which I followed easily to the canister, 2 hours from the start.
After signing in, I ranged around the lower slope, finally finding a nice grassy perch looking out to North Dome and over to Slide. I thought about going over to ND but I figured that would be 3+ extra hours to the hike, not to mention energy I did not have. The trip down was a bit quicker with loose rock and wet leaves playing havoc with the knees. I thought this hike was pretty interesting and worth doing from this approach if the leaves are down, I figure it would be torture in mid-summer with a full growth of nettles, brambles and thickets.
Total time 4:15.
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Re: Sherrill Oct 27

New postby mike » Tue Oct 28, 2014 11:26 pm

I think the route you took is the best way up. Sounds like everything went well. Nice view of ND!
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