Hunter Mt and SW Hunter

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Hunter Mt and SW Hunter

New postby BillyM » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:11 am

I parked at Notch Lake on sunday 6/11/17. Took the Devils Path up to the split going to West Kill/Sw Hunter or Hunter. I made a left to head to Sw Hunter first. I was surprised to find that someone had trimmed the trail recently up to a certain point. There had been trail maintenance done on the Devils Path and going up to Hunter Mt.
The canister on Sw Hunter is easy to find and the herd path led right to it. Sw Hunter is such a nice hike following the ridge line, you can get a couple of small views off the trail.
We decided to go to Geiger Point while we were there. Good views but it is starting to grow over. There was an illegal camping site found about thirty feet from the ledge. Apparently Dec knows people camp here cause there was a Camping Prohibited sign. The recent campers left a burned can and some chop sticks. Headed back to the split and went up to Hunter Mt. It was a good clear day.
I went with a group of seven friends so I wasn't moving as quick as I would by myself. Going back down the Devils Path to Notch Lake was rough.
9:49 Start at Notch Lake (Devils Tombstone)
11:44 Hunter/West Kill Split
12:13 Sw Hunter Summit
12:25 Left Sw Hunter Summit
12:50 Back on Devils Path to Geiger Point
1:00 Geiger Point
1:30 Leave Geiger Point
1:45 Hunter/West Kill Split
2:30 Hunter Mt Summit
3:15 Leave Hunter Mt Summit
4:14 Split to Stony Clove
5:15 Back at car
My mileage tracker said 13 miles.
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Re: Hunter Mt and SW Hunter

New postby bikenhike » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:39 pm

Going to the summit if SW Hunter (Leavitt Mtn) has been a trail for quite a few years. They are the old rail road tracks from years ago. It has become popular enough that it is now a trail. Just not an official trail.

Unfortunately people do not follow the rules and leave garbage everywhere.

Glad to hear that your group had fun.
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