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North Dome and Sherrill through hike

New postPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:51 pm
by apersich3092
A couple of friends and I will be attempting to climb north dome and sherrill over the weekend. Our plan is to have cars at the parking lot on shaft road and the parking lot for the devils path that way we can do a through hike and eliminate having to climb back over either north dome or sherrill. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions as to which way was better to attempt this, we were thinking about starting from shaft road and ending on DP that way if we were running out of daylight towards the end of the day we would atleast end up on a trailed path and not be in the middle of the wilderness, but I've read that that side of north dome is loaded with cliffs and ledges and is extremely steep so that could be tough to go down. Either way the trip figures to be difficult but was just curious if anyone had any strong feelings one way or another. Obviously any other opinions and tips are welcomed as well.