Huntersfield Mtn April 18, 2012

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Huntersfield Mtn April 18, 2012

New postby Steve Burns » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:01 am

I entered off of Cleveland Rd. This is an unlabeled entrance between somebody's house and their pond. After approx 1/2 mi, there is a DEC sign and some garbage. Continuing up the road maybe 3/4 mi (the road was rocky having just been graded) I came to a fork which I took to the right. No signage at this point. Along the way on the right is an old stone dam and beyond some foundations, one of which seems to be where a water wheel may have sat. The road is getting rougher, but my honda civic rambles on. Glad to have standard at this point. Again the road was freshly graded. I don't know what it looked like before, but it is rough now with a lot of loose rock turned up. Finally I get to a point where it is not reasonable to drive any further. This is within the denser coniferous region. From there I follow the road up. One forks right, I go straight because straight seems up. After a while the road blends into trail. Again a fork. There is a fire circle here, not recently used. I go straight (the other way goes right). Again through dense and mystical conifer forest, steeper now. The trail gradually fades into what seems to be seasonal stream bed and ultimately fades to nothing discreet. At this point I figured straight up was a good direction and so I bush-whacked, marking the thin barked trees with a sharp rock and as well leaving rock piles. There is one magical tree on the way that I'll call the "elbow tree" if you see it, you'll know why. After some steep terrain, and scaling a small ridge I came to a trail proper. No markings on this trail, but going to the right was clearly the way up. I followed this for probably 30 minutes and came to the lean to. The view was good. I believe it is the quarry in Ashland that is visible as the brown scar in the distance. The air was warm, lunch was had. I placed a few sheets of paper in the reg box. Beyond the lean to I found the marked trails. One painted aqua blue, one tagged yellow and one tagged red. Finally I spotted the summit marker (from 1942). The trip back, uneventful. I found my bush-whack trail ok. One thing I note is the complete absence of song birds. Is this normal? Is it the time of year? I saw no other remarkable wildlife. Woodpeckers were active.
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Re: Huntersfield Mtn April 18, 2012

New postby mike » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:57 am

Welcome to the forum Steve.

We drove down the side road the last time we hike the Huntersfield Loop. Definitely a very nice place. Would be a nice place to camp. We drive in quite a ways since we had a subaru outback. But, we didn't get out and hike. Sounds like there is some good hiking there. Didn't realize that we could hike up to the trail. We have been down the other side and drove up that side road.

Sounds like you had a good day in the woods.
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