Huntersfield Loop

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Huntersfield Loop

New postby alexis » Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:22 pm

After seeing mike's report on Huntersfield, I decided that I wanted to do this hike. This week mike drove up Jim Cleveland Road to the pass. Parked there and hiked up to Huntersfield. When we got out of the car it was windy and cold. Warmed up as we hike up the old logging road. Saw a little bit of snow, but didn't bring snowshoes. I did bring my poles. No butterflies! :cry: Just too windy for them.

We were sitting in the lean-to when a couple came by. We talked for a while, and then headed out. The views were great. Headed down the Long Path. my poles came in real handy while going downhill. At some point we stopped and looked at an old log house. It is in ruins.

We then headed out down the long flat logging road that runs thru the 1930's forest. While walking down the path, we saw a porcupine. It was in no hurry! But, it was VERY thin. I guess finding food was a problem. Maybe stuck under all that snow! Near the end, we saw some nice streams on the side bank.

We then headed up the hill back to the car. A little bit of snow near the top, but nothing to stop a car.

Mike headed out to the point for a view. Came back in a little while. We headed down the hill on the Huntersfield Road side. We then headed over to Pisgah Mtn.

The road up to Richmond/Pisgah was still snow covered and too deep for a 4wd. We turned around and headed out. We also checked out the road on Ashland Pinnacle. Still snow on the upper road.

Overall, it was a nice easy day. Only 4.35 miles of hiking. :D
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