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Re: Huntersfield Mtn

New postby Birdman » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:30 pm

I did a loop hike on Sunday. I parked on Huntersfield Rd at the snowplow turnaround. A short distance down the dirt road I found the access. The long path aqua blazes have been replaced with red foot trail markers. There was a trail sign indicating the leanto was 2.15 miles. There was a fairly long flat stretch. Unfortunately this was like hiking through a swamp. The trail is not maintained and with all of the June excessive rainfall. At a turn the trail gained elevation. Even then the flat spots were bad. The red markers were well done. I reached the leanto via the yellow trail and signed in. Nobody had been up there for a couple of weeks. I decided to take the old logging road back down to Jim Cleveland Rd. Except for a few spots it was good. Once I got to the quarry I walked back to the my car via the dirt road. With the trail conditions as they were I decided to cancel my July 15th hike which I was leading. Hope everyone had a good Fourth. Ed
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Re: Huntersfield Mtn

New postby mike » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:08 pm

The logging road through the conifer forest can get quite wet. Like you said, like hiking thru a swamp. My hiking boots are waterproof, so I don't mind. But, it has been a wet June. The hike down to the quarry is always nice downhill. We hiked up to Bear's Den near North-South Lake. Trail was nice. Too many people.
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