Panther via Giant Ledge

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Panther via Giant Ledge

New postby traprocker » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:59 am

I was feeling the effects of a cold so decided to do the "easy" climb up Panther using the standard route over giant ledge. Arriving at 9 and 42 degrees,there was only a lone car at the PA. The climb up to the Giant ledge right out of the car was pretty hard, a steep rock strewn, but pleasant mess. One on Giant Ledge i poked around and found one pair of hikers enjoying the view of the fall peak. I checked out the designated campsite - really several in a large area- and there was a nice view of Fir, Big Indian and Eagle beyond the main site.

Back on the trail past the many ledges, I thought L 1 and L 4 were the best. Another primitive campsite was located just above the col,with a real old fire ring among the spruce beyond the clearing. The climb immediately out of the col went through a Dr. Seuss style boulder field- there was a running spring to the left of the trail at the top of the field. Once beyond t he 3500 foot sign, I clambered down from an open rock into a huge fern meadow, where in the center was a large animal bed area. Back on the trail, it was a nice ascent past more meadows and ancient moss covered forest to the summit. The summit sign was missing and there was An illegal campsite was near the summit ledge, I went to the second view- pretty nice, then went north another 100 yard. descending a bit to a tiny ledge view, overlooking the Pantherkill valley, the view here was not as expansive as the other two ledges.

One the descent,i checked out the panther side view, also nice , then poked around the Seuss boulders some more, admiring their strange forms. Out this way i only came across a hiking pair, and surprisingly, one pair on Giant ledge on way back. I did notice 32 signed the register after me, all to giant ledge.

Total time was a leisurely 6.5 hours.
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