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New postby one2wonder » Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:15 pm

This seemed to be the most appropriate area to say Hi as I just joined up. I've recently gotten into hiking again over the last two years. I went on an overnight hike about 2 years ago lead by a friend who had spent a couple years in Yosemite. We hiked to queer lake in the western Adirondacks and the fun times I had tromping through the woods with my stuff on my back in boy scouts and on family camping trips all came back to me. It was a very easy hike, pretty much flat but it made me realize how much I missed just being out in the woods. Last year I decided I was going to hike something so planned a 3 day trip to do Marcy and Phelps in the ADK's knowing I hadn't hiked much at all in order to split it up. It still kicked my butt and I vividly remember the debilitating leg cramps I had one night shortly after dinner. I did manage to do both but my friend stopped maybe 1/8 mile or less from Phelps and stayed at the nice falls lookout along the trail from there to Marcy the next day. My legs were sore for almost a week.

This year I realized I need to ease into things a bit more gradually and have been taking people on what I think to be easier hikes. I'm trying to also go for runs when I can't hike. We did greylock a few weeks ago with a small group and then I did Indian Head last weekend with a friend (was a last minute change of plans and had some steep parts I wasn't quite expecting). I've come to realize that the Catskills can be every bit if not more challenging as the Adirondacks even if they don't offer treeless summits. I'm finding it fun to try and learn the good lookout points and interesting sites to see along the way. Its nice to have a shorter drive living near troy as gas and driving time add up. Basically I've fallen in love with the Catskills and while my hiking rejuvenation initially focused on the Adirondacks, it only took one hike for the Catskill peaks to be on my list of sites to climb and see.
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New postby mike » Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:21 pm

Welcome to the forum! Yosemite is a great place to hike. I have been there many times over the decades. Very different from hiking in NY.

The ADK's and the Catskills are somewhat different in hiking experience. Some of the Catskill trails are steeper and more difficult. But, ADK has more vertical. The Catskills have some great waterfalls and exceedingly interesting places to hike. The waterfalls around the Kaaterskill Mountain Range have somewhere around 75 waterfalls. Many are hidden from most people. The Kaaterskill Clove has some very interesting places to go. Then there is the Lucas Kill Ravine. Very few people know about it. Then there is a lot of history too.

You're welcome to join us sometime when we hike in the Kaaterskill Clove.
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New postby mtnclimber » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:04 am

Welcome to the forum. there are lots of great places to hike in the Catskill. You might check out the 25 best hikes in the Catskills on the hiking page. Some of the people here are real knowledgable, so ask if you have questions.
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