DEC charges 7 with hunting violations

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DEC charges 7 with hunting violations

New postby dave » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:54 am

During the first couple of days of hunting season the DEC charges 7 bow hunters in the Catskills with hunting violations. Most of the violations involved baiting. This year the hunting season opened earlier then normal.

DEC Pubic Notification:
Bowhunting season for deer and bear in the Northern Zone began Thursday, September 27, and it will begin in the Southern Zone on Monday, October 1. See for deer and bear hunting seasons and open areas.

Northern Zone bowhunters are reminded that last year's license is required when hunting prior to October 1. Also, Deer Management Permits (DMPs) may now be used during the early bow season (and early muzzleloader season) in the Northern Zone. DMPs may only be used in the Wildlife Management Unit and the during the license year for which they were issued. In the Southern Zone, with the bow season beginning October 1 this year, bowhunters now benefit from an additional 12 days of hunting opportunity.

I intend to spend some time bowhunting next week, and I hope you all can do so too.
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