Bear feeding law strengthen again

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Bear feeding law strengthen again

New postby dave » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:29 am

DEC has adopted a rule prohibiting the feeding of black bears. Previously, DEC prohibited the intentional feeding of bears in proximity to certain locations. In an effort to reduce bear habituation to human-supplied foods and future human-bear conflicts, DEC’s new regulation prohibits both intentional and incidental feeding of bears statewide.

Specifically, the regulation bans intentional feeding of black bears, and, after previous written notice from DEC, also prohibits incidental or indirect feeding of black bears through food attractants such as garbage, refuse or bird seed. The regulation grants DEC the authority to require removal of these and other food attractants when bears become problematic.

DEC generally encourages discontinuing bird feeding activity in the Spring when bears emerge from their dens and natural foods for bears are not abundant and natural food for birds are becoming more available.

The regulation also updates the conditions under which hounds can be trained and used to help manage bear problems. The use of bear hounds is one of the most effective tools for reducing bear damage to farm crops, especially corn.

A description of the regulation and a summary of public comment is available at
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