help with fishing in the area

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help with fishing in the area

New postby Axel_E » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:11 pm


I just moved to the area (for now I'm in Bovina Center) and am looking for fishing opportunities. The problem, I'm a pretty useless fisherman - or rather, I've only ever fished in seawater before, never in streams. So I'm not sure what I need.

Here is what I already found:
- the general rules and regulations of NYS
- the cost of a fishing license
- the locations of the public fishing rights on the Little Delaware River (and apparently, i'm in a great location)

I don't know how to fly fish, and I don't have a boat. So for now, my only option is from the shore. What should I get, and how should I proceed? To be entirely honest I don't even know the difference between a $29 pole at Walmart and a $179 pole in a specialty shop...

Full disclosure, English is not my first language, so jargon like "in spring, fish with small spinners, jigs (shad darts) and streamer flies for upstream-migrating American Shad" (taken from the web site) is complete gibberish for me :-(. So not only is all help and advice greatly appreciated, but in layman's terms, please :-)

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