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Schoharie Creek and Other freestone Catskill Creeks

New postPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:13 pm
by Sam
Well, Not too many people post topics regarding fishing in the Catskills, so here goes...

As you all know the Catskills and most other parts of the Country are suffering from a major lack of rain this year, which directly effects fishing in a not so good way. Yesterday, after returning from a three week road trip to Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland I wanted to clear my head and get my feet back on the ground, so I decided to take a trip into the Catskills. What I encountered was on the verge of frightening. Most watercourses have been reduced to a mere trickle at best. As a fly fisherman my heart went out to the trout stuck in the shallow, bath water. I almost didn't even cast a fly onto the water due to the temperature....

However, before I returned home I stopped at a bridge on Fuller Rd near the town of Prattsville. From my car I could see trout flying out of the water to gobble down flies. So I decided to take a more detailed look below. What I found was a very deep pool loaded with stocked brown trout. These trout evidently weren't too stressed out by the warm water, so I enjoyed a few hours of barrel fishing. It's like being a young kid again when every other cast lands a 12in or larger trout. Unfortunately it's hard for me to succumb to fishing for stock lineage, so it's back to the remote mountain streams to catch the small cagey brook trout that lurk there.

Let's hope Mother Nature sends us some rain. I know the whole country needs it bad. During my trip north I saw first hand what most water ways look like in the greater North East area. Boy oh boy do we need rain. The salmon in Newfoundland weren't able to leave the rivers to get into the bays because of low water levels. Pretty crazy stuff. The rain we received over the past two days probably hasn't made it more than an inch or two into the ground. And the streams continue to trickle over dry rocks and exposed aquatic plants...Rain Rain Rain!

Re: Schoharie Creek and Other freestone Catskill Creeks

New postPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:27 pm
by mike
We actually got about 1/2 to an inch on Friday. Really helped things. But, we really need a good 5" rain.

Re: Schoharie Creek and Other freestone Catskill Creeks

New postPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:03 pm
by Sam
Yea, That 1/2" got sucked up pretty quickly. Talk about a complete flip from last years summer. I took another cruise through the Catskills today...A rather large loop. I checked out the flows right below the Emerson Hotel, then made my way up Rt.214 towards the Schoharie Creek, once I reached the Creek in Hunter I followed it all the way to Prattsville, finally I drove to Windham on Rt.23....

The Schoharie, and Batavia Kill are barely running. The Esopus will always run so long as there are regular releases from the Schoharie Reservoir... As for the smaller streams, they aren't doing too well. In fact more rock, sand, and mud was visible, than actual water. I walked up and down these streams in search of trout only to find that I couldn't find any. Seems as though another trip to the Great North Woods is in store. I'm hoping that this fall will be a nice time to fly fish in our area.

It looks like we've got a slight chance of Thunderstorms for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but with a drought like this it would have to be a 90%-100% chance of rain for us to get anything substantial.

Ehh it'll work out one way or another.