Any good loops that involve some trout fishing

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Any good loops that involve some trout fishing

New postby Wolfie2nd » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:47 am

From what I have seen on the Web the Catskills have some good trout fishing to offer.. I was wondering if there were any 2-3 day loops that could incorporate some good trout streems??
I know that when I did my devils path thru hike im pretty sure I past one trout worthy creek at tje foot of West Kill Mountain.. any suggestions would be great... as crazy as this sounds my little backpacking excursion is set for memorial day weekend..
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Re: Any good loops that involve some trout fishing

New postby mike » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:39 am

I used to fish many years ago, so I don't know all the good places anymore. The DEC does stock the larger streams, like the Esopus and Schoharie. The main stream that everyone wants to fish is the Esopus Creek. Some of the side streams off the Esopus are very good too. Remember that there are rattlesnakes below Phoenicia. You might see some by the stream in Peekamoose too. There may be some on the neversink too.

There really are not any trails that run along the good streams. I never see anyone fishing in the streams higher up. They mainly stay down lower.

Some of the streams higher up might be questionable. I look for trout when walking by, but never see them. The streams coming off the Devil's Path probably don't have trout because of the Batavia Kill Dam below. But, below the dam they are there.

Other users may know of some good streams.
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