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Bicknell's Thrush

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:50 am
by Jon
Speaking of Bicknell's Thrush (From the slide mountain viewpoint thread)....

I just came across this article. It seems that the bird might come up for listing under the endangered species act. While some may believe that there are just as many around now as in the 70s, this is debatable. It seems the species has been in decline for the past 20 years.

Things such as climate warming in the northeast, and cutting of their forest habitat for ski slopes, or logging are threatening the birds ability to migrate to the U.S. They are going to have 4 years to decide on the fate of the species, and whether it will be protected under federal law. Hopefully there will still be some of them left by 2017 to protect. ... -2013.html

I have never gotten a picture of them, but if you go up to slide mountain during the summer you can hear them calling through the forest. The chirp is similar to the haunting song of the hermit thrush: which can be heard all over the trails of the catskills

The call for the Bicknell's thrush has a bouncier sound to a similar song: ... ush/sounds