Canyoneering Devil's Kitchen

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Canyoneering Devil's Kitchen

New postby vatrachos » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:42 am

Hey everyone,

I apologize for the double post (I also posted this in the "hiking" section), but I thought I'd put this here also because I might hit a different audience. Here goes:

I recently moved to the East from Utah. Before moving, one of my biggest hobbies was exploring the slot canyons of Southern Utah. I miss it!

Anyway, a few of my friends and I want to try to descend Devil's Kitchen 'canyoneering style.' What I mean by this is that we would like to start at the top, and go down the gorge strictly in the watercourse, and traverse all the waterfalls and other obstacles we encounter using our problem-solving skills. Of course we will do this the right way, taking great caution and with safety in mind, and we will be using a full array canyoneering skills and technical gear (ropes, harnesses, descenders, prussiks, helmets, wetsuits (if needed), etc). We plan to apply our "leave no trace" outdoor ethics, using natural and/or fully retrievable anchors. Our goal is to use this descent to practice and refine our canyoneering skills in preparation for some of the highly technical canyons we will be doing out West later this summer. Our group will consist of highly experienced hikers and rock/ice climbers. Also I am certified to guide to lead adult groups and boy scouts through the canyons in the West (although I understand that there are some different obstacles that we will encounter here).

My purpose in posting here is to get some advice before we try this from people on this forum. First off, is this a crazy idea? Is it possible? Can it be made safe with proper gear and experience? Has anyone here done this same thing before?

Also, where would be the best places to drop in and exit? Are there any issues with private property in the area that we should be aware of? Any help on this would be awesome.

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